SJ-653SJ-653 StripesStripesOriginal Zebra image taken in Tanzania Morning ReflectionsMorning ReflectionsGrey Crane image was taken in a small pond in Armonk, NY Come on OverCome on OverMother Polar Bear and pups. Image was taken in Arctic Noway about 400 miles from the North Pole Primal ThirstPrimal ThirstWhite Faced Monkey image taken in Costa Rica Penguin CampgroundPenguin CampgroundImage was taken in Antarctica, Dec 2005 Let's RaceLet's RaceImage taken in Tanzania on Safari, March 2008 GrazingGrazingSouth Dakota A Wintery Night WalkA Wintery Night WalkFeatured Photographic Image in July 2013 Huffington Post
Accepted into 2013 PPA General Collection
2013 PNE Court of Honor Award
A Crabby DispositionA Crabby DispositionImage taken Sept 2013 in sea bed at low tide in South East Alaska The HerdThe HerdHerd of Wildebeest crossing a river in Tanzania during the Great Migration Steppin Out for BreakfastSteppin Out for BreakfastWhite Crane fishing for its breakfast Please Don't Wake the ChildrenPlease Don't Wake the ChildrenPolar bear mother and cubs. Image was taken in Arctic Norway about 400 miles from the North Pole. Pallin' AroundPallin' AroundTwo Walrus play fighting in Norwegian Arctic, 400 miles from North Pole La La La La LaLa La La La LaAlbatross calling for its mate in Galapagos Islands